Choice of the professional

Armed Forces

Specialist Services to the Armed Forces

We work closely with clients who are currently serving or retiring from the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Airforce to offer Financial Planning and Wealth Management Solutions.

We understand that when you have retired or are approaching retirement from the armed forces your financial position will change significantly and this is the time that professional advice in this specialised and unique area will be required. Our knowledge of the military market place means we can offer appropriate and high quality advice - delivered through channels consistent with the demands on our Armed Forces, wherever they are based.

Barristers and Solicitors

Wealth Management for Barristers and Solicitors

With so many solicitors and barristers working long hours, you may find that you are giving your client's cases far more time and thought than that of your own financial situation.

By examining your existing plans and finding out what is important to you both now and in the future, we are able to help put in place the relevant solutions which will enable you to continue with your hard work and benefit from your financial planning in the long term.

Medical Profession

Wealth Management for the Medical Profession

As a medical professional much of your time and energy goes into caring for others, finding the time to plan for your future can be hard to find.

Finding someone that you can trust to advise you in this important area can also be difficult. Whether you're a student, a GP, a Consultant, or at a stage in between, our experienced adviser will spend the time to ensure you have the right solutions.

We operate via telephone, post, the internet and face to face and aim to meet the needs of all serving and retiring Professionals. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Note: Investments - The value of units can fall as well as rise, and you may not get back all of your original investment.